our Commitment

Ship to Cycle is a project that was created to meet the needs of cyclists and to give voice to environmental issues we care about. The service we offer simplifies travelling for professionals and cycle enthusiasts and, at the same time, promotes sustainable mobility and respect for the environment.


How we go about doing our part

We have decided to focus on 4 of the UN’s sustainable development goals: 


Fight against climate change

We are committed to giving our planet a better future: fighting against global warming starts from our daily actions. We have aligned our strategy with this goal, focusing on sustainable logistics to reduce our environmental impact and CO2 emissions. We firmly believe that in order to grow responsibly it is necessary to find a balance between our needs and those of the planet.

Health and well-being

Cycling is healthy. Cycling, like all physical activity, stimulates and improves your heart, helps keep you fit and reduces stress. Our service encourages you to use your bike not only for sport or daily commuting but also during holidays and adventures away.


Clean and affordable energy

Nowadays, about 60% of greenhouse gas emissions result from energy production. Change is needed urgently. We aim to rely on sustainable supply chains on a global scale. We are constantly looking for new suppliers and new channels to be integrated into our system; because choosing clean and renewable energy means transforming the economy and the planet.

Responsible consumption and production

Halving waste is imperative and a priority. In the implementation of our services, we are committed to the choice of suppliers and energy sources to ensure that our company has a low socio-environmental impact. The aim is to prioritise responsible production processes and move towards sustainable development models.


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