Why purchase our Full Protection Insurance?

With STC you can buy Full Protection Insurance tailor made for bike transport to give you total peace of mind throughout the door-to-door journey. We highly recommend it.
Easy to activate with competitive rates based on value ranges up to a maximum of €15,000 and the added benefit of no deductible to pay on damage claims of €5,000 or less.

All STC shipments are covered by the basic courier transport terms and conditions, however these do not cover the value of the bike and, if damage occurs, only a minimal pay-out based on weight will be considered.
With STC Full Protection Insurance the full value of your bike will be covered for any accidental damage incurred throughout its journey or loss. We provide immediate assistance and efficient claim process management for reimbursement of damages.

Whether you buy our STC Full Protection Insurance or rely on the basic courier transport terms and conditions, in the event of damage, any reimbursement will require that the bike was adequately packed and documented using photos.


Full Protection Insurance - the fine print

Our Full Protection Insurance is an optional service we provide together with our bike transport service.

Full Protection guarantees, for Customers who activate it, Insurance for any damage that the bicycle may suffer during transport from the place of collection to the place of delivery. It also covers theft and loss. 
It is an ALL-RISK Insurance with the following EXCLUSIONS:

• Pre-existing damage not attributable to the transportation service by way of example but not limited to: aesthetic damage such as scratches; electronic, electrical or mechanical damage; rust, oxidation or discoloration; damage caused maliciously. In the event of damage, photographic evidence must be provided that the damage was not present prior to packing

In the event that the damage is less than €5,000 there is no deductible or overdraft to pay. If the damage is equal or greater to €5,000, a 5% overdraft will be applied. with a minimum of € 500,00.

It will be the Customer's responsibility to ensure that, before being picked up by the courier,the bicycle is correctly packed and protected in an adequate way by using a rigid or semi-rigid box.
Ship To Cycle needs to receive your damage claim within 48 hrs after you receive your damaged bike. .
Refer to details in the "How to pack your bicycle" section for help determining what is considered suitable.
If inadequate packaging is used and the courier has placed a reserve noting "insufficient/inadequate packaging", the damage claim may be rejected.
Ship to Cycle reserves the right not to reimburse damages caused by inadequate packing.


Insurance duration 

Full protection Insurance begins as soon as the bike is picked up and ends when the bike is delivered to the recipient at the final destination. The recipient will need to sign to confirm delivery of the bike.


Making a damage claim

Upon receipt of the bicycle, if the recipient notices damage or tampering to the packaging, it will be essential to:

Add a reserve on the courier's delivery note (for example: ‘damaged and/or crushed packaging’ or ‘evidence package has been opened’;

Take photos of the damaged packaging BEFORE opening as well as any damage to the bike;

Immediately report the damage to Ship to Cycle, who will assist you in opening the claim file;

If you have it, you can add a photo of the delivery note with reserve.

IMPORTANT: Ship To Cycle needs to receive your damage claim within 48 hrs after you receive your damaged bike.


Documents required

- A completed claim form

- Photos of the bike before shipping and after shipment with details of visible damage.

- Quote/invoice for repair of damaged parts

- If available, copy of the delivery note/courier waybill on which you have made the wording "signature subject to control”.


Damage claims will be assessed according to current market values. For this reason, if you have added any special components to your bike these must be documented, including photographs.
If the damage looks repairable contact us immediately. A quote for the cost of the repairs will be needed and our Full Protection Insurance will make sure you get on the road/trails as soon as possible.