Discover Europe Through Its Most Iconic Cycling Routes

Cycling through History: Discover Europe Through Its Most Iconic Cycling Routes

A cycling tour along the historic routes of Europe offers an exciting experience that combines a passion for cycling with an interest in the past and culture of our continent. Imagine cycling through the heart of Europe on your beloved bicycle, exploring enchanting places rich in history, tradition, and breathtaking sceneries. These bike routes are not just cycle paths, but real journeys through time, where medieval castles, ancient cities, and monuments tell the story of the civilizations that built them. As you leave behind the routine of everyday life, you immerse yourself in an experience where sporting activity on a bicycle is intertwined with the exploration of fascinating territories and cultures, allowing you to sample local cuisine, meet local communities, and discover centuries-old traditions. On these cycling tours, two wheels become the means to enjoy a sustainable and deeply personal travel experience that not only tests your physical endurance but also enriches your knowledge of Europe's cultural and historical heritage.


The Via Francigena 

This ancient pilgrimage route connects Canterbury, UK, to Rome, Italy. Cycling the Via Francigena is a unique experience that combines physical challenges, spiritual enrichment, and cultural discoveries. Crossing England, France, Switzerland, and Italy, cyclists immerse themselves in a variety of landscapes, from the English countryside to the Swiss Alps and the lush Italian countryside. The Italian section, in particular, offers spectacular views of the country's historical and artistic heritage, passing through cities rich in history such as Lucca, Siena, and Rome. History lovers will appreciate the many historical sites along the route, ranging from ancient cathedrals to small medieval villages.


Danube Cycle Route

Considered one of Europe's most famous and popular cycle routes, the Danube Cycle Route follows the course of the Danube River from Donaueschingen, Germany, to the Black Sea. The most popular and well-developed section stretches from Passau, Germany, to Vienna, Austria, offering breathtaking landscapes, picturesque villages, and historic towns. The route is mostly flat, making it accessible to cyclists of all levels. Along the way, travelers can explore attractions such as the lush Bavarian forest, the historic city of Linz, the magnificent Melk Abbey, and, of course, vibrant Vienna.


Loire Cycle Route 

This cycle path follows the Loire River in France, offering cycling enthusiasts splendid views of Renaissance châteaux and idyllic landscapes. The Loire Cycle Route is part of the larger EuroVelo cycle route network and stretches for around 800 km, making it ideal for multi-day cycling tours. Cyclists can admire the architectural and natural beauty of the region, including the famous châteaux of Chambord and Chenonceau, and historic cities such as Orléans and Tours. The trail is well equipped for cycle tourists, with clear signposting and numerous accommodation and refreshment options along the way.


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