Cycle touring and exploring

Whether you like the freedom of exploring a different country by yourself or with local experts, let us take care of your bike’s journey. Your bike, your gear, your plans. Less stress, more fun. After your tour, free yourself from your bike getting us to send it home. Experience everything to the full.



Ship to Cycle is the premium service that allows you to ship your bike directly from home or where you want. Place your order, add Full Protection Insurance, pack your bike box with care and we’ll come and collect it. We schedule the pickup to ensure it arrives at your destination in time for your race setup. Each shipment is fully tracked: you can know where your bike is at all times.


On vacation, enjoy every kilometre you pedal! With Ship to Cycle, you can: we organise the transport of your bike without stress or the unexpected happening. We are a team that has been working in sports logistics for over twenty years and we know how to get sports equipment to its destination in the expected timeframe. For this reason, we rely on the best international couriers who guarantee precision and punctuality in deliveries.



Ship to Cycle is a service designed to satisfy the needs of cyclists. You only think about your holiday and the itinerary to follow. Go light! Don't worry also about transporting your bike: entrust it to us. You will not have to transport the bike box to the airport and you will avoid any inconvenience of transfer when you arrive in the country of destination.


Planning your shipment is simple. You can do it in a few clicks on our website, from your computer or mobile phone.
Our Ship To Cycle Support team will guide you through all the additional details you might need to provide to book your bike shipment, also including recommendations and full support for any questions you might have.
We guarantee maximum flexibility: do you only need the outward journey? Or just the roundtrip?? No problem, the service adapts to your needs.



Arrive at your accommodation with your luggage, get yourself settled, and your bike will be delivered giving you one less thing to manage when arriving in a foreign country. Send your bike back when you no longer need it, so you can be free to continue your sightseeing feeling lighter or embark on a non-cycling adventure.

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